About Us

Kumtek Electronics, originally founded in 1998, is a distributor company, active in supplying Electronic Manufacturing, Test, Rework equipment, consumables and ESD Prevention items since 2003.

Some of our products are purchased by the customer directly from our suppliers. While some others are imported by us and installation, training and after-sales services are also implemented by us.

Consumable products are imported in high quantities, and offered to our customers from stock with competitive pricing.

Other than these services, we also offer mechanical design and manufacturing services for custom applications. Some examples are:

  • connector covers used temporarily during conformal coating process
  • board holding fixtures used with infrared bottom heaters
  • special pattern CNC cutting of a double sided adhesive sheet to attach an aluminum heatsink to a PCB
  • magnet spring holders for PCBs on rework bench
  • epoxy PCB carrier modules for irregular shaped PCBs