63/37 Solder Bar

We directly import Bar Solder from UK. 
The 1 kg weighing bars are supplied from our stock in Ankara.
The lead ration in high purity bar solder is around 63.2%.
The standards suggest this ratio to be between 62.5% and 63.5%.


Peelable Solder Mask

Techspray 2211-8SQ
Wondermask P, 237 mL


Conformal Coating - Acrylic

Techspray 2108-12S
Acrylic Conformal Coating, 340 mL

Dry to Touch in 3 Minutes!!



Conformal Coating - Silicon

Techspray 2102-12S
Silicon Conformal Coating, 340 mL

Ideal for moisture, thermal and vibration protection...

MIL-I46058C Type SR, IPC-CC-830B,  UL94 v-0 rated, UL#E95150


Techspray 1621-10S E-Line Flux Remover, 400mL

Flux removal spray (pdf datasheet)


Stencil Cleaner

SCS 13

stencil cleaner


Techspray 1671-10S Non-Flammable Duster, 234 mL

Spray duster (pdf datasheet)